Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh summer summer

Hello people of earth! Yes I know it might be hard to believe but I am blogging again! It is summer as the heading does say. Why, might you ask, is someone righting in a blog in a glorious summer? Well, let me tell ya it is not exactly a glorious summer! So far we have had about 6 hours of sun this summer. Well not really but that's what it feels like. Since I am plumb tired of spending time on facebook I deiced to start blogging again. And then i thought again, 'wouldn't it be nice to right down my whole summer?'. So I wen t back to this blog. Right now I am sitting on the floor while Chelsea does her hair. I am on the island right now and we have been camping. In her backyard that is. Fires, smores, hot dogs, tents, and everything else. W are only a week or into summer and i hope this one will be a lot better then the last!
Bike riding today you knows what tomorrow!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh, Woe is me...

I am devastated. After coming home tired from youth ( it went amazing), I hopped in the shower and forgot to blog. my chain of blog post has been broken :( So anyways. Today was okay. I am almost done my bottle rocket. Boy oh Boy am I ever stressed. End of the school is such a hectic time. I am super excited though for Matt and Deanna's wedding! It is going to be phenomenal. Hopefully i can go buy a dress for that and the arts gala. Another thing to stress about. BLAH! Harry was so stinking funny last night! I almost died! so all in all it has been some pretty good days. Schools almost over, the sun was shining, and I don't have any homework!
later gator!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today is the Day!

WOO-HOO!! Usually start with some semi-witty beginning, so today I thought I would start with some enthusiasm. today had some very high highs, like Mercedes voice when she get excited, and some stupidly low lows. Mik lead some fabulous worship in chapel! which reminds me that Gleem is lead worship tomorrow at youth. that reminds me! I saw David at the Mile of Flowers. Which remind me of my stirrings.
SIDE NOTE!!! why do we say for Pete's sake?? what did Pete every do? AND Hannah Montana is EVERYWHERE!! On clothes, music albums, and even her own plastic bags!!!! Is that not insane! what has this world come to!
Ugh, I think that I am going to fail Science. ( I put metres for all of them because I didn't know what to do!:P) I dislike just about every ting about that class. Except maybe hysterically laughing when our beloved teacher does some much appreciated things... YAH RIGHT! I also learned some of Ode to Joy on the bells today. And we are preforming it tomorrow! I am so glad that we are missing some classes!!
So goodnight to all and to all a good night!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Baby its cold outside!

It darn was pretty cold outside today. Rain, rain , rain. They say April showers bring May flowers. Well in BC it is May showers bring June flowers. But it is sunny now. that's decent. today I..
-did easy french
-had mucho fun in socials.
-had a good time with good people at a good lunch
-FUMED at how stupid I think science is.
-Did some worship practise with my wonderful leader mik(which mad me lose out on my last chance to play SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2)
-played some pumpkin boogie and settlers
Know I am sitting here thinking about how I need to have a shower and do some Bible.
Today was one of thous day that you might not repeat but where pretty good. O YEAH!!!! Chelsea we need to do our project!!!!It really is good to be back blogging (look at that triple B!)
So I now say to all of you

Sunday, May 30, 2010

One of thouse lazy days

Today I have done nothing. Nobody was at Church because they all went to Brody's great and amazing bike race. Woo-hoo....haha just kidding. Well so Church was pretty ordinary. So nobody was here to do anything. That leads me too where I am now. I just put piece of STRIDE MYSTERY GUM in my mouth. That gave me a boost of energy:). They used to only have it in the states. Finally we get some of the good stuff. basicaly, I am trying to fill my time with something more usefull thann sitting in front of the TV. that all for today! IMB

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I really hate braces. I cant eat bacon with these things hurting me. I am going do something to get my mind off these hated things. Good thing I am getting them off soon. IMB

Friday, May 28, 2010

ITS been to long....I always say that.

Hello to all the people that probably wont read this. Well today during lunch Me, Mercedes, and Chelsea were looking up Mercedes name on google. Well a couple clicks later we saw her blog and started talking about ho we used to blog all the time, and ho much we used to love it. So we decided to start things up again. I think that is a pretty darn good idea. So since the title of this little blog is Inside My Brain I will tell you what is inside my brain. (but not all because you REALLY dont wanna know!) Right know I am thinking about how awesome Super Mario Galaxy 2 is! that's about it. I am trying to to over work myself right know. Well i will probs be back soon because I am bored.